The French Riviera as never seen before

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The French Riviera. People usually associate it with Nice and its renowned promenades, Cannes with the film festival, Monaco and luxury, Saint-Tropez with the infamous opulence and sumptuousness – the overall sentiment is all about expensive French champagnes sipped under the arching palm trees in the sunset. However, the French Riviera has much more than that! It is highly recommended to explore other nooks of Côte d’Azur besides these magnificent cities, since there is just simply so much to see!

Porquerolles island

The French Riviera, also known as Cote d’Azur, sprawls across the southern part of France – from the Italian border all the way to gorgeous Marseille. The natural beauty and the astonishing turquoise waters of Provence frame the picture perfectly. Visitors could experience the wonders of the sea, the beauty of the vineyards, lavender fields and olive orchards of Provence, all wrapped together under the authentic, historic charm of the region.

La Cadière d’ Azur

There is much to explore, visitors are welcomed by pleasant surprises at every corner. Buzzing cities with excellent nightlife, pristine beaches with crystal clear waters. It is impossible to give it justice in just a single blog post, but to give a short, but sweet foretaste of what’s to expect, let’s see some of the highlights of the region outside Nice:

  • Compared to Nice’s ginormous, picture-perfect palaces, the other side of the Riviera is left much more untouched. If you are looking for rugged coastlines, maritime villages, quaint locales – the real gems of the country – this is the place you should be looking for!
  • Oh, and the islands! Who wouldn’t be dreaming of visiting pretty little islands and picturesque lagoons? In just a matter of hours, you could find yourself exploring the islands of Porquerolles, Port Cros or Ricard, and let’s not get started on the dolphins…
  • Provence, the real Provence! This side of the Riviera brings you to the quintessence of France! Lying in the heart of the region, Aix-en-Provence is a bustling city, loaded with cultural events, social happenings, but let’s not forget about Gordes, a fabled, legendary town, the perfect backdrop for a French holiday!
  • If you are looking for something more upbeat or colorful, Marseille is waiting for you with its legendary all-year-long festivals and parties, and the city also hosts the country’s largest port, which of course, boasts the heavenly Marseille fish soup…
Valensole lavender fields

If all of these wouldn’t be enough on its own, Detti’s Events is also located in Sanary-sur-mer, here I am waiting for you, to present the most interesting aspects of the Riviera and to organize the life event of your dreams!