The engagement of Peter and Hannah

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One of the greatest joys of event organizing is witnessing remarkable life events that will serve as lifelong memories. 

This could be anything ranging from special birthdays to christenings, anniversaries or even engagements. It was truly an honor when Peter reached out to ask for assistance in organizing the latter. He wanted the moment to be truly spectacular: he envisaged a maritime proposal to Hannah – to spend his entire life with her.

Peter reached out in February, and he was planning the proposal for August. We have spent the months in-between with constant planning and brainstorming to come up with exquisite final details.

The expectations were centered around having the beauty of a seaside sunset without the teeming tourists – with specific focus on beauty and intimacy. Everything is given here, in South-France, so onwards to the French Riviera!

Based on the requests of the fiancé, I had to come up with the perfect location, and prepare everything accordingly for the ultimate moment. Peter didn’t have the chance to visit the location before their one-week long French vacation, and spending time away from her during their holiday would have probably spoiled the occasion. Instead, I took care of everything for the big “yes”, so that they could spend their time away with relaxing.

The gorgeous island of Porquerolles hosted the momentous event. We took care of everything early in the morning, so that they could spend the day with enjoying the water, snorkeling and travelling on Porquerolles, until the sunset was nigh… Peter were really excited, however, Hannah did not have a clue about anything until the final moment. This was evident by her choice of clothing that day, as she wore a T-shirt with a huge “I said no” caption on it. While they were strolling around the beautiful island, I picked out and decorated a pretty little cliff that was looking just at the sun and the port below. The scene was set – a majestic picnic with candlelight, ice cold champagne and fitting decoration. “By chance”, their romantic walk has led to the cliffside that was gleaming in sunlight – dinner was ready and served. It was a sight to behold, and they both were touched by the romantic setting. Hannah was still oblivious to the fact that she would become a bride in just minutes. To present them with precious, everlasting memories, I had placed a camera to record the proposal – the video will be available shortly. They popped the delicious French champagne, and the long-awaited moment finally came after the clinking of the glasses: Peter knelt down and asked Hannah the most important question of their lives. Beaming with joy, Hannah said yes! Later, they have spent their dinner made up from hand-picked Provence specialties. Sitting behind the scenes, I was happy and content with how things turned out, having been able to spectate this truly marvelous event.